Welcome to Essex Speedway and Action Center
Welcome to Essex Speedway and Action Center

Looking to advertise on our Track?


13' x 5' banner on our back wall - $500 per year and get a $100 Go-Kart card!


3' x 6' banner on fence facing the track - $500 per year and get a $100 Go-Kart card!


15' x 6 ' banner hung in the rafters - $500 per year and get a $100 Go-Kart card!


Choose where you want to see your company name.  Questions?  Email essexspeedway@yahoo.com 



Call us for Gift Cards!

Don't forget we are on the bus route for Chittenden County. Just take the local bus to Susie Wilson Rd Essex and get off at the Lowes. We are just a short walk through the parking lot.


3 ways to contact us. Stop by in person, give us a call or email us. 

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