Welcome to Essex Speedway and Action Center
Welcome to Essex Speedway and Action Center

Come out and experience the thrill of driving the go-karts. These 18.5 hp electric motor carts move at ~ 17mph (MUCH faster then you might think). Lots of tight turns which makes it great for racing. We do have some rules and restrictions you should check out before coming


***Please read all cautions posted at the track before deciding to drive go-carts. Drivers and passengers assume all responsibility. We do our best to minimize bumping and crashes, but we can NEVER guarantee that accidents won't happen****


1. You need to be 54" tall (no exceptions because you wouldn't be able to reach the pedal).

2. You MUST be able to keep the go-kart on the track. Just driving around the track and hitting the rails at full speed is NOT driving. You will be asked to keep carts under control at all times

3. If you and another person above the height of 54" want to ride together (and can fit in the kart) you have to pay full price for both people).

4. If you are under the 54" you can be a passenger. All kids have to be able to sit up by themselves and be able to be in a seatbelt.

5. Anyone wishing to drive another person has to be at least 18 yrs of age. NO EXCEPTIONS

6. No helmets or waivers are required

7. Please expect a little rubbing and bumping. We try and minimize this as much as we can. There is NO bumping allowed, but sometimes accidents happen.

Don't forget we are on the bus route for Chittenden County. Just take the local bus to Susie Wilson Rd Essex and get off at the Lowes. We are just a short walk through the parking lot.


3 ways to contact us. Stop by in person, give us a call or email us. 

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